domingo, 25 de setembro de 2016

My Manifesto on The 21st Century Music Education


Music embraces every culture

Music brings people together

Music stimulates a huge part of the brain

Music education in early years makes us better human beings


Education must be student centered.
It is important for educators to know their students, to know what are their strengths and to focus on their abilities.

The approach should be a mixture of the traditional way and the new
Spread sheets don't work on students as is used to. New methods must be incorporated in the Music Syllabus. A more popular and contemporary repertoire can be used to get students' attention and spark their interest in more elaborate pieces. 

Technology is here FOR us and not against us
Almost every student is connected to the internet through some digital device. Use it!

Everybody should have an opportunity to play an instrument and to get in touch with the technological breakthroughs
Music also enhances the connection between your brain and your body. Acoustic instruments and digital workstations play a huge part in developing this self awareness. 


Use the technology available
Be it digital workstations, cellphones, tablets, computers, synthesizers or any other device. 

Use acoustic instruments
The students need to know the sound of unplugged instruments and explore them.

Present new ways of doing music
Use every sound source available.

Introduce technology
Keep students updated with the advances of technology in the music industry and, if possible, work with it.

Foster creativity, composing and improvisation skills
Promote activities in which students are able to let their creativity flow.

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