segunda-feira, 19 de setembro de 2016

Music Education as a NEW Educational System

It is funny how we easily judge things that we don't know. Many of us musicians, specially the classical trained ones, that are not familiar with technological devices, misinterpret the ones that work with these technologies. Since the world is developing fast, technologically speaking, it has become important for the 21st century musician and music teachers to understand the principles of the DAWs (Digital Audio Workstation) and other softwares that can help them to do a better job.

In the other hand, there are musicians that are really into technology. Usually DJs are not seeing as "real musicians" just because they don't play "real instruments". But anything can be used as an instrument and now we have some controllers on the market that allow us to controle almost every type of sound as we can see in this performance of DJ Madeon and DJ Mad Zach. I guess we all agree that they know music, right?

Another thing that technologies brought us is the possibility to learn almost everything we want. In sites like WikiHow and YouTube we find endless things to learn. I myself have a YouTube channel, in portuguese, where I teach people how to sing properly (Gustavo Tassi). I get really amazed by the idea of having all these knowledge right there in the touch of a finger. Educational researcher Sugata Mitra explane how we could make a good use of this possibilities in one of his Ted Talks.

Now, if we combine that with the principles of Project Based Learning (PBL) we have a very effective educational method that engage students in learning, as seen in High Tech High. But musicians have an advantage! We already know how that works. We've learned music and teach music using that method without even noticing. We do the projects ourselves first, we learn about the history, rhythm and other aspects of the music we're playing.

So, let's help other subject teachers to understand how it works. Let's combine our way of learning and teaching with the technological achievements and star building a new educational system!

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