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Thoughts on the 21st century education

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It seems like we have no escape. The world is going digital!
I don't see it as a bad thing at all but the problem is that we are living in a transition era. We are conscious of the changes we're going through but we still don't know how to manage that, specially on educational matters.

Resultado de imagem para waldorf SchoolSome schools keep their focus on content knowledge rather than "learning to learn" methods (Prof. Stephen Heppell). The Steiner schools (or Waldorf schools) are proud of their educational method, created by Rudolf Steiner, that leaves the children free to learn on their time with an holistic approach and focus on the process of learning to learn. In one of the articles from the Canberra Business News they point out that this is one of the most important aspects for the 21st century workforce. They need to became thought leaders. The bad part of this method is that some schools take it almost as a religion, as pointed by researcher Anna Canningham on her article about Steiner schools, leaving the children no place for technological devices until the age of 12, which, in my opinion, is almost impossible nowadays.

Resultado de imagem para Northern Beaches Christian SchoolThere are alos schools like Northern Beaches Christian School in Autralia that are based on technological achievements. Believing that there the students will find a place that reflects the world that they are living in, the school leaves not much space for the kids to experience the world.

The japanese architect Takaharu Tezuka came up with wonderful building where kids can be kids as seen on his Ted Talk.

I'm sure one day we'll have a worldwide educational system with the best of each method. Until then, we can only choose the one that we identify more with.

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